We're bringing awesome people together to crowdfund the world's first coliving+coworking space with an EU EcoLabel certification. We're member-owned & community-centric, rural yet international, remote yet connected, ecologic yet technologic, diverse and incusive and we're located in a charming village house in a valley in the mountains in northern Italy.

A Charming Village House…

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A small stream, audible from Cervo House

Located in the central part of the village of Campiglia Cervo and in the very centre of the upper Cervo Valley, the house is in the ideal location, combining connectivity, public transportation and local services with forests and mountains and trails starting in the back yard. The house has 5 floors including the attic.

  • Sleeping Quarters

    We're currently planning 3 double rooms, 6 flexible shared twin rooms (can be used as private doubles) plus 2 single rooms, welcoming a maximum of 20 fantastic individuals.

  • Bath, shower & WC

    4 WCs with toilet and sink (one on each floor), 3 private shower pods with skylights & 1 extra room that could be turned into a spa experience (sauna or steam room) if the budget allows it.

  • Community Spaces

    1 large food workshop with fireplace, 1 large dining room with fireplace, 1 co-working space with balcony, 1 privacy office (meetings, vlogging) with balcony and fireplace, 1 Living room and entertainment room, 1 laundry room, 2 storage rooms, and some free space (tbd later).

  • Connectivity

    High speed fibre internet throughout the property with a NGA-VHCN connection reaching speeds of 100Mbps > 1Gbps.

  • Outdoors

    1 small garden patch by the river, 2500 square meters of forest (treehouse anyone?). Acquiring an adjacent property is in the pipeline and budgeted for, thus adding 1 small independent house and a small piece of garden and a garage.

  • Mobility

    Shared bicycles in the house.

…with warmth and views

In a rural valley in the mountains in Italy…

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The Campanun belltower, audible in the entire valley

The Cervo Valley is named after the Cervo torrential river that runs through it and is located in the pre-Alps above the city of Biella (20 minutes away), in the region of Piemonte in northern Italy. Closest metropolises are Milan and Turin, each 1,5 hours away.

  • Nature & Activities

    The air here is clean and the best water you've tasted in your life is abundant in the villages' fountains. Nature is beautiful and there are several trails leading to the peaks around the valley. The Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA), a long-distance hiking trail, passes right through the valley. There are 3 mountain cabins on different peaks offering affordable overnight stays and meals. During winter the Bielmonte ski resort is operational and just a 30-minute drive from Cervo house while in the summers cinema and music festivals and numerous events liven up the valley.

  • Villages & Sanctuaries

    Several hamlets peek out of the woods wherever you walk or gaze. In the valley's 3 main villages—Campiglia Cervo, Rosazza and Piedicavallo—there are restaurants and cafés, tiny local grocery stores where you can buy local products, as well as all the basics such as a post office, a doctor and several primary schools. The San Giovanni d'Andorno Sanctuary has in the recent years become a reference point for exhibitions and events, whilst through a hand-dug mountain tunnel, you can reach the next valley where the Sacro Monte di Oropa—a UNESCO world heritage site—is located.

  • Legends

    From the masonic village of Rosazza and its mysterious symbolism to the legends of the "Om Salvei"—the local bigfoot— and the "Lago della Vecchia", a mountain lake where a benevolent witch lived with her bears, our valley is an esoteric place, by many believed to be the most mysterious place in Italy.

…where the landscape is awe-inspiring

An inclusive, ecologic and welcoming place…

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Fire crackling in a fireplace at Cervo House

Somewhere to feel at home, concentrate and get your best work done while being sustainable and living a healthy life close to nature. The Cervo House values are highly aligned with those of the Conscious Coliving Manifesto, an attempt to develop a deeper and more holistic vision for co-living.

  • Wellbeing

    Our space is a warm and friendly environment, with everything you need and nothing that you don't — full of life, a place where you make new friends, meaningful connections and explore the world, the one around you and the one within you. Having a comfortable and private space to withdraw to after a day of super heroism doing one’s online job, hiking a mountain or volunteering is not a bi-product of these actions, but the main intention with what we are trying to achieve: A home to rest in after experiencing and being inspired or a home where you can experience and be inspired; you can have it either way.

  • Community

    We are a diverse and inclusive community, a heterogenous group of people. No matter who you are, this is home. We believe that human life is best when good people from all walks of life and corners of the planet meet, exchange experiences and ideas and work on projects and concepts that can improve our understanding and wellbeing. We are an affordable live+work solution, so individuals with lower incomes can be with us too. We are family-friendly. We are part of the local community, cooperate with local businesses and authorities and support local initiatives, food producers, artisans as well as maintain and improve the surrounding environment through volunteering.

  • Sustainability

    We want to create an ecological mountain co-living space where you can come and stay for as long as you need, try living a simpler, less digital and healthier life and to do all this in a sustainable way — sustainable changes for your life after you leave our space, and sustainable for the planet while you are here. Achieving EU Ecolabel Certification is one of the first projects we will be working on as a co-living community.

…where you can join us already

We are currently working on restoring the house, hunting for reclaimed materials and making sure the entire process is done in an ecological way. We are by all means a work in progress, but that has not stopped us from hosting several events and pop-ups, imagine glamping but inside a house. These have been amazing experiences where everyone bonded and didn't want to leave. Powerful confirmations that what we are trying to do is important.

  • Volunteers

    Until we launch officially, we have decided to open our house to friends, family and awesome strangers from all over the world for volunteering and work exchange programs Just drop us a line at hello@cervo.house describing which skills you could bring to the project. We will provide you with shelter and good company and make sure your trip was a life-changing experience. We are also on workaway.info (link in the bottom of this page)

  • Artists

    If you're a creative individual, play music, paint or if you're a skilled professional that can teach classes, anything from cooking to yoga, and you'd like to come and spend some time with us, please ping us!

…and be a co-owner!

1.800€ per share

You contribute this once, for a Cervo House share, which means real co-ownership and a stay for 1 month every year, for life, in a twin shared room, or a single private when available. 2 shares get you a double private room, or 2 months shared stay every year and so on. Receive a dividend on years you can't stay at the house. Shares are withdrawable.

+ 70€ per year

We call it the House Fund. We'll each pay this per year per share in order to cover our operational costs, for repairs and maintenance, for insurance and salaries, for property taxes and much more. The co-op can choose to use suruplus generated during one year towards lowering this contribution for the following year.

+ 50€ per stay

This covers utility costs: each member's use of water, electricity, natural gas, heating etc. during a stay of 1 month. Intentionally a separate category from the House Fund, 50€ is what we each pay only when we stay at the house. If we all contribute to consuming less, we all also pay less.

What you get

  • Have a home away from home

    A warm and welcoming place, even a homebase if you wish. A place to hang your hat when you're not travelling the world.

  • Concentrate and get your best work done

    There's a great in-house coworking space waiting for you. Come for a work retreat or for focusing on that one project.

  • Come for sustainable vacations

    Get to the house by rail and road. It's remote and rural but well-connected. Take a slow vacation!

  • Participate in a collaborative community

    Bring new life to an Italian mountain valley and spend time in a community house, coliving and coworking with folk at the same wavelength as you. Volunteer and improve our village!

  • Contribute to a Sustainable alternative living solution

    Be part of an ecologic project, and the living solution for the future: coliving.

  • Invest in an innovative social enterprise

    Bring your ideas and skills, share knowledge and develop the project with other members. Use your skills for an in-house micro-business.

  • Receive a dividend

    When you can't stay at the house in a given year, your spot can be used by a lovely guest, generating a surplus for the community and a dividend for you, thus covering your House Fund contribution and some extra pocket money! Win-win even though we'll miss you!

  • Spend time in the mountains

    Hiking, stargazing, sleeping in one of the 3 mountain cabins. Go hunting for mushrooms with our neighbours.

  • Be close to nature

    Forest bathing, bathing in the river, or even just listening to the wind and the birds. And the church bells, oh the cozy church bells.

  • Enjoy world cuisine

    With home-cooked meals, prepared by awesome like-minded individuals from all over the world. And we obviously can't wait to try your special recipe! We'll have an awesome well-equiped food workshop.

  • Immerse yourself in a new language

    Learn Italian little by little by being here. Get to know the culture and the people.

Let us know that you're interested!

We have started accepting pledges: We’re reaching out to awesome individuals with an offer to join our community and crowdfund this project with real co-ownership in exchange. At approximately 1800€, each share is equivalent to 1 month's stay every year, for life, and if for some reason you can't make it in a given year, receive a dividend instead. We are also working together with other co-living projects and are active in networks with the intention of creating an exchange program, so you can exchange your stay with another coliving location. If you are interested, fill out this signup form which is absolutely not binding and is only used to have an estimate of the people who would like to be part of the project.

  • Alexandra Ferdinandy

    She, Her, Hers What is this?
    Her friends describe her as an optimist and positive energy bundle. Currently lives in Copenhagen where she works as a social worker. Caring for people and projects comes naturally to Alex and you will find her out and about with people planning her next adventure or fixing the sails on her boat.

  • River D. Ferdinandy

    He, Him, His What is this?
    Danish/French, born and raised in Greece as his sister cofounder Alexandra. Currently based in Lisbon, speaks English, Greek, Danish, Italian and is learning Portuguese. Known for only being photographed from behind and for pranking people.

Pre-launch Status: 104 shares left of 152

We have not launched campaigns to reach the general public yet, but if you found us, like us and would like to pledge, let us know!